My Top 4 Legendary Female Idol Fancams that You Have to Check Out

I was gonna do top 5 but only these 4 came to mind.

Order ≠ Ranking

Son Naeun – I’m So Sick

Rosé – Kill this Love

Jang Wonyoung – So Curious

Suzy – Love Song


1. [+74][-14] It’s fxxking dope how Rosé’s fancam surpassed 10M views *shook*

2. [+59][-11] Son Naeun’s freaking beautiful.

3. [+50][-12] I seriously can’t stop rewatching (Suzy’s fancam for) Love Song. Legendary.

4. [+30][-3] I think I get why people say ‘Coachella Rosé’ is a proper noun.

5. [+11][-4] Wow, you = me, we’re exactly the same. I fxxking love Suzy’s ‘Love Song’ and Jang Wonyoung’s ‘So Curious’.