Compilation of Jisoo & Bona’s Friendship that’s Driving Me Crazy

When Kim Jisoo was the Inkigayo MC

They go on dates

When Bona was filming ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’, Jisoo even sent her a coffee truck

These are selfies that I freaking like. Their visual combo is fxxking insane kekekeke

They used to call each other by their real names, but now they call each other ‘yaa’ kekekeke

Whenever they meet up, they go eat hotpot together kekeke 

Kim Jisoo x Kim Jiyeon = a pretty girl next to another pretty girl kekekeke



1. [+17][-1] She even goes to Jisoo’s house.

2. [+13][-1] The story of them becoming close friends

(Post-it note)

Q: Which 95 liner idol do you want to become close to the most?

Bona: BLACKPINK Jisoo!


I asked her how she became friends with Jisoo and she said she wrote Jisoo when being asked which idol she wants to become close to and a fan of Jisoo showed the post-it note to Jisoo keke At Inkigayo, Jisoo suddenly said to Bona ‘you’re the same age as me right~ I saw that post-it note~’ and they started talking kekekeke She said she clicks really well with Jisoo.

3. [+9][-1] What’s up with the visual combo of the 2 of them, fxxk..

4. [+3][-1] Apparently Lisa & Luda became friends because Bona & Jisoo are friends. I wonder if the 4 of them are close.

5. [+3][-0] Didn’t know Bona was a singer. I saw her in the drama and I thought she’s an actress because her acting is good.