Apparently These are Pics of Suzy When She was in Middle School….

She’s super pretty even when she was young… Ha…


1. [+21][-1] I got ‘shot to death’ because this confirms I have no chance (to look pretty) anymore.

2. [+17][-3] Seriously, how can someone be like this? It’s my 12th year liking her but it still shocks me every time I see a picture of her, for real….

3. [+10][-1] Suzy is just not human. She looks prettier on the news than in her selfies, and she looks prettier in a drama with basically no makeup than on stage when she’s performing.

4. [+9][-0] Fxxking beautiful.

5. [+7][-0] I wanna experience the feeling of having Suzy as a classmate.