What’s Up with these 2 in NMIXX;;;?? That’s Too Freaking Much;;;

Aggros, sorry kekekekeke

It’s a waste if I’m the only one looking at SullyoonJin, so I dragged some aggros together with me.

Jinni putting Sullyoonie’s hair to the back for her.


1. [+30][-0] Chic + lovely <- a victory combo, for real.

2. [+24][-0] The 2 of them are pretty with different vibes, that’s why their visual combo is insane.. Apparently they’re roommates – I really wanna see a SullyoonJin V LIVE soon.

3. [+10][-0] Fxxking love SullyoonJin.

4. [+4][-0] Sullyoonie is so cute kekekeke She’s innocent and she seems kinda cautious.

5. [+2][-0] But why is Sullyoon so tiny kekeke