Is it Fine for Red Velvet to be Like This?

No like they’re in their 9th year already but they’re still coming up with new things, how?

Visuals, concepts, album quality, etc. – they’re hitting a career high with all that.

The pics were taken after last week’s Inkigayo comeback stage and uploaded onto Instagram.







So excited about Red Velvet’s music show concept for this week too, please show us asap……..


1. [+71][-14] Legends.

2. [+39][-11] Wendy’s smile is really so freaking pretty

3. [+31][-1] Red Velvet is a family…

Seulgi: Family

4. [+25][-3] With that hairstyle, Seulgi reminds me of her during ‘Red Flavour’.

5. [+22][-11] For ral, Red Velvet still feels like a rookie… in the sense that every time they make a comeback, there’s a 180 degree turn in their concept. Maybe that’s why they still feel like rookies.