j-hope’s Solo Achievements are Insane…

‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ was fxxking dope indeed, for real;;


1. [+86][-2] The mixtape ‘Hope World’ is not as well known in Korea but it’s extremely popular overseas, especially in clubs. It’s such a shame that it was released only as a mixtape. I wanna listen to it more on Korean music charts.

2. [+66][-2] Hobi’s music is really considered the enthusiastic type overseas. In Korea, songs that sound good and  are easy to sing are popular, but in other countries, it’s songs that are enjoyable that are popular, that’s why Hobi’s music is perfect for them ha

3. [+58][-2] The reason why I switched to YouTube Music = j-hope’s songs

4. [+16][-2] Wow that’s fxxking dope. I hope he releases another mixtape.

5. [+12][-3] Because of j-hope’s unique vibe, I really like j-hope even if I’m not a BTS fan. Whenever I listen to BTS’s songs, his voice stands out but I never get sick of it. His performances are freaking famous among other idols as well, and he has a bright personality too, that’s why.