The Reason Why Nayeon’s Image Looks a Bit Different

Is the difference in the thickness of her brows

The difference is way more obvious

When I put these comparison pics side by side right?

2018 and 2021

Different indeed

1. What is Love~Yes or Yes (2018)

– The era when her brows were thickest

2. Fancy~Feel Special (2019)

– The era when her brows started to get thinner

3. More and More~Now (2020~2021)

– Her brows got even thinner and her brow peak is showing

I think it’s up to personal preference but

She looks pretty either way so I can’t choose.

She looks refreshing, bright, cute, lovely and bubbly

And she feels more like a baby too.

There’s nothing Nayeon can’t do..

It’s Nayeon’s face after all,

Prettier no matter what.


1. [+178][-19] Thin brows look way prettier. Thick brows look frustrating.

2. [+170][-53] Personally I think thick brows look prettier.

3. [+123][-5] Idk, she’s just freaking pretty so looking at these photos was fun.

4. [+57][-20] She looks prettier with thick brows.

5. [+38][-0] I think they just change it based on her age and how long it’s been since debut. When she had thick brows, she looked fresh and cute. And her thin brows now give off a more elegant vibe.