Trainees Who Left SM vs aespa

Letting Ningning & Giselle debut, instead of them? I really don’t get it keke


1. [+448][-136] Haaa seriously, every time I see Lami I think it’s really such a shame. She could’ve continued the Eugene -> Yoona -> Krystal -> Sulli -> Irene genealogy, but it stopped at Irene.

2. [+323][-104] Even so, it’s aespa that became popular.

3. [+192][-82] Are these commenters out of their minds? How is Winter the prettiest…

4. [+119][-5] What a waste.

5. [+58][-28] They were chosen because they were the best kekekeke as expected, being hated on Pann means you’re popular kekekeke.