Not Kidding, aespa Giselle is Damn Pretty;;

Look at this getty image, daebak.. She’s lost a lot of weight and her figure is insane recently. She looks pretty without her bangs too.

Everyone looks pretty in the group shots of aespa as well


1. [+173][-78] It’s fxxking funny how someone like Sullyoon gets criticised so damn badly but Giselle gets praised for her looks kekekekeke

2. [+64][-40] I like Giselle too, she has a cool personality and I want to be like her. And obviously, she is freaking pretty

3. [+61][-22] Her visuals are really peak after losing weight, fxxking beautiful

4. [+50][-19] OP, there’s a shit ton of kids who might make you feel uncomfortable here. There’s really no need to deal with them. It’s inevitable because this is Pann. Just ignore them.

5. [+44][-17] She really received the best plastic surgery in history