Feeling How Rich BTS Jin is

Is it because I keep on seeing only the funny side of Kim Seokjin? 

But I was shocked when I saw his Instagram.

Isn’t he the definition of ‘the Young Master from a wealthy family’?


1. [+100][-4] But, in reality, he IS the Young Master from a wealthy family.

2. [+72][-7] Even before his debut, Kim Seokjin was living a well-off life. I heard his father’s company is based in Germany..!! Also, was it during early debut days? That time, Seokjinie treated the members to a meal in a hotel.

3. [+10][-3] His wealth is chaebol-level (large family-owned business conglomerate).

4. [+6][-2] That’s what I’m saying, this man’s Instagram posts have been insane recently. Looks like he finally figured out how to use Instagram.

5. [+2][-4] ‘like’…

[Jin: Tried to take pics like I’m a successful person]