No But Why Is Arin So… Recently?

So like an unnie? Unnie, take me…

Of course she’s still lovely and adorable.


1. [+38][-7] Every day I wonder if she can get prettier than she already is but she really just gets prettier and prettier every single day. She’s seriously so fxxking beautiful.

2. [+17][-3] She’s cute too – Choi Arin, what do you want from me…. She feels like a younger sister like this.

3. [+9][-2] I really like this pic of Arin…

4. [+5][-1] Arin is totally my type.

5. [+5][-0] Even so, she’s still my cutie… Not sure if it’s because I’ve been watching her since her debut, I just think she’s cute from head to toeㅠㅠㅠ