What Kind of Life Do Y’all Wanna LIve?

A life as an ordinary young person in their 20s while attending a prestigious university – upvote

A life as a big company idol in their 20s with a glamorous youth – downvote


1. [+27][-0] Meanwhile there’s Kim Taehee who’s enjoyed both…

2. [+21][-2] But honestly, after becoming a high school senior, I feel like the former appears more valuable and worthwhile. Obviously it differs from person to person, so obviously some people will think what I’m saying is weird, but I think I’m getting very desperate for prestigious universities.

3. [+13][-2] I think this is the hardest ‘balance-game’ (this or that) that I’ve seen on Pann.

4. [+3][-0] Of course I’d pick a prestigious university.. Even if you get to make a lot of money, it’s just freaking tough to survive in the entertainment industry. It’s fxxking dark and dirty and the rules are crazy.

5. [+3][-4] Obviously the latter. The amount of money you earn is just different.