They look so alike when they have their bangs? Both of them are fxxking beautiful.

+ I edited the title of the post because many people in the comment section are uncomfortable with the use of the word ‘controversy’, my bad ㅠ


1. [+218][-5] Feels like cute Han Hyojoo, her sister’s beauty is really…

2. [+165][-3] Jisoo’s brother is also fxxking handsome keke

3. [+142][-13] Considering she’s not a celebrity, her face is really pretty… She has the same vibes as Jisoo, pure and innocent.

4. [+63][-8] You’re making up a controversy out of nothing again.

5. [+56][-0] She’s really so prettyㅜ

6. [+40][-0] At this point, I’m getting more and more curious about her parents.

7. [+34][-12] Jisoo is more beautiful.

8. [+33][-7] Her sister looks just like Shin Sehwi in the last 2 pics though? Wow… She looks more like a celeb than Jisoo. And she doesn’t even receive idol-management.

9. [+30][-46] It’s just that the pics were taken nicely, she’s been on TV and she wasn’t that pretty. Look it up on YouTube.

10. [+30][-1] I agree she looks like actress Han Hyojoo. Daebak.

11. [+24][-0] The genes in that family are just amazing..