BTS Jin’s Weight Is 61kg When His Height Is 179cm

(The BTS members were doing a VLIVE)

(An I in between two Es….) <- MBTI

(RM) Apparently Jin hyung is 61kg

(Suga) Jin hyung, that hyung needs to exercise

Suga… The person that even Suga is worried about, telling him to exercise, is BTS Jin

(Jimin) He’s really skinny

(Suga) Jin hyung’s body fat rate is really low. That hyung doesn’t eat

The person whose diet Suga is worried about = Jin

(RM) His beautiful bones are also natural-born, it’s all about genes

(Suga) He’s not eating because he’s busy playing games

(RM) Does he not play games as much these days?

(Suga) I don’t know. He said he stopped. But he said he’d rather play games than eat


“Jin hyung is 61kg

Is our height difference 2cm?

What’s impressive about that hyung is

His shoulders are like ┌—ㅇ—┐  this right 

But he’s only 61kg. I’m saying, the world is really so unfair.

He was also born with beautiful bones”

According to the members

His shoulders are super wide and his bones are beautiful too

Handsome Jin is tall as well but he is light

Jin’s shoulders are dope indeed…

I think I know why he’s called ‘grapefruit tatami’

I agree

He’s a handsome hamster

But still, he should eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. [+194][-8] Jin from today

2. [+165][-6] Seukjji’s (Seokjin’s) shoulders……

3. [+126][-4] Suga.. Even Suga is saying that

4. [+33][-0] 61….? Oppa, I’m gonna surpass oppa in just a bit.

5. [+24][-0] Seokjin ah, eat some rice ㅠ