Why Is Winter’s Makeup Like This?

She seriously doesn’t look good with pink-toned makeup.


1. [+209][-11] She was indeed freaking pretty with black hair during ‘Next Level’ and ‘Savage’ but if you watch her ‘Black Mamba’ fancam, you will get why blonde hair suits warm-toned skin… She definitely has warm-toned skin, for real.

2. [+178][-12] Did someone say she’s not pretty? The tone-ggro going on is freaking crazy though.

3. [+58][-3] That was what I thought as well when I first saw this. She’s pretty, but I feel like she doesn’t look good with that pink colour.

4. [+49][-5] But I thought this makeup was really pretty though, isn’t this a cool-tone makeup?

5. [+48][-2] Hmm, but does it automatically mean you have warm-toned skin if you don’t look good with pink-toned makeup? I thought Winter looked way better with black hair though.