This is Giselle

And this is G.NA (Gina Jane Choi)..

I went to a coin karaoke and G.NA’s MV was being played. When I saw it I thought Giselle released a solo.


1. [+315][-4] Both of them have the surname Gi.

2. [+274][-6] Sometimes I see Ham Sowon in her too.

3. [+253][-12] But tbh this is not a diss post. Tbh G.NA was famous for having an 8-head figure and being fxxking pretty.. I think can see it.

4. [+83][-74] There’s a need for SM to manage Giselle. Hearing people say that she looks like an ahjumma in her 40s, SM’s reputation is dead.

5. [+68][-2] Their eyes and brows do look a bit similar but tbh if we’re talking about their faces, G.NA is prettier no…? Her face is tiny like a fist but her features are so prominent…..

6. [+62][-18] Oing, G.NA is pretty though.

7. [+36][-1] You should have posted this picture of G.NA, why did you post such a weird one?

8. [+28][-1] G.NA was famous for being pretty, what are you talking about kekekekeke

9. [+25][-3] G.NA is way prettier though, what’s this…

10. [+19][-3] Oh, insanely alike.

11. [+18][-3] Heol kekekeke I’ve always thought they looked alike keke Seems like I’m not alone.