Her face plays a part too but her image just feels like a 21~23 yo, so I was fxxking shocked when I heard that she’s 27 yo. My fave song when I was in primary was ‘Solo’ (released in 2018) thoughㅜ Damn good memories.


1. [+256][-2] ..? If ‘Solo’ was released when you were in primary, how old are you now? *shook*

2. [+240][-2] People born in 1996 are already 27 yo?? Fxxk.

3. [+196][-14] I also feel like Jennie is around 24 yo, but you’re saying Jennie’s already 27?? This feels like a hidden camera (I feel scammed).

4. [+51][-0] I’m more shocked by OP’s age.

5. [+42][-4] Jennie’s face is really charming, that’s prolly why you can’t really tell her age from her face kekekeke When you look at her face, rather than being reminded of what age you expected her to be, all you have in mind is just the fact that you’re looking at Jennie.