(warning: the following content is too amazing)

Junho holding an iPad with one hand.

(not an iPad Mini)

Holding a bottle of banana milk + a big bottle of yogurt with one hand.

The flip phone looks even smaller because his hands are huge.

When he’s with female celebrities,

You can really feel how big his hands are.

A poster completed like that.

This hand-chemistry is insane.

Isn’t this too good…

Even when we’re looking only at his hands,

They still look huge and slender.

The one with the red sleeve is Junho, and the one with the black sleeve is a guy.

His hands are still big even when compared with a guy.

(Killing point – the plastic glove looks like it’s about to tear apart because it’s too small for his hand)

Junho’s hand size is 22cm – 

Biggest among the 2PM members.

Love him so fxxking much, seriously.


1. [+70][-4] He’s the most popular these days but there are barely any posts about him on Pann.

2. [+58][-2] His acting and singing is good. Recently life’s been interesting watching Junho.

3. [+43][-3] So amazing ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

4. [+23][-1] They say Junho is short but he’s 177cm tall. And compared to his height, his proportions are so good.

5. [+18][-0] His vibe itself is already sexy.. Especially his eyes and brows..