SNSD’s bermuda line… (Yuri Yoona Seohyun)

Their visual combo is really good. They’re a warm beauty + cold beauty + standard beauty trio, so they’re really pretty in various ways..

I’m glad that all 3 of them, Yoona, Seohyun and Yuri, seem to have secured their spots as actresses.

The trailer of Seohyun’s new movie on Netflix is a bit shocking keke,,

It’s not just their faces that are beautiful, they’re even born with amazing proportions…

This year SNSD should do a whole-group comeback for their 15th anniversary though,
But we don’t know if they’re doing it because it seems like all of them are doing really well individuallyㅠ

++++ My second favourite is f(x)’s bermuda line (Sulli Krystal Victoria)..


1. [+160][-6] People started using the phrase ‘bermuda visuals’ in the beginning because of SNSD.

2. [+99][-1] Tbh aren’t Victoria, Krystal and Sulli… the legendary ones among all idols? If they’re in different groups, every single one of them have main-visual centre faces, but the fact they’re all in the same group is really… it’s really really…

3. [+49][-1] They have both perfect visuals and physiques.

4. [+47][-2] SNSD is so pretty.

5. [+41][-0] Princess-nim / Black pearl / Standard beauty – you can’t beat them no matter what..