Let Me Tell You What The Issue Is With ITZY

Debut outfits

Ddu Du stage outfits

Ddu Du cover outfits plagiarised

MMA stage outfits

Jennie’s hairpin

Gayo Daejeon stage outfits

Airport fashion

BP’s face painting t-shirt merch

BP’s official colour and slogan design

ITZY only copies other groups. They don’t have a unique colour to themselves and it’s awkward.

Also because of JYPE’s unique old-fashion style, they can’t establish a proper girl crush concept.


1. [+104][-2] Why is that ITZY’s problem? Obviously it’s the agency’s problem kekekekeke Recently people have been coming at ITZY and hating them so freaking hard keke

2. [+53][-12] Tbh, it doesn’t feel good when your friends copy what you wear…. Well, just saying…

3. [+48][-0] This is not ITZY’s problem, it’s JYPE’s.

4. [+43][-3] Wow for the slogan all they changed was the name, fk keke

5. [+27][-5] Up till this day when YG stans claim that they’re copying (BP) I always find them disgusting but looking at this it’s honestly true that they’re copying keke