V: Desperate for a new song

(Park Hyoshin – Sound of Winter)

Both of us are waiting for Park Hyoshin’s new song…

I’m a fan of Park Hyoshin and I’ve never stanned any idol groups but somehow I began following V.. 

But the moment V uploaded that story I immediately liked him so much more and I even began to watch V’s fancams.

But I’m not a fan of V. Mhm, not yet.

I’m indeed not a fan of him yet, but he’s handsome…


1. [+20][-0] I’ve always liked Park Hyoshin but thanks to V I like him more now!!! I listened to ‘Sound of Winter’ after Taehyungie posted about it on his story yesterday and I really really liked it. +1 person looking forward to Park Hyoshin’s new song.

2. [+13][-0] Go check out V’s self-composed songs: ‘4 o’clock’, ‘Scenary’ and ‘Winter Bear’~ Since you like Park Hyoshin-nim, these songs will prolly be your type.

3. [+6][-0] There’s a reason why his fancam surpassed one hundred million views. Definitely check it out.

4. [+2][-0] I’m waiting for a new song tooㅜㅜ

5. [+1][-6] It’s starting again. An ARMY pretending they’re not an ARMY.