How’s ITZY’s Song ‘Boys Like You’?

I liked it the moment I heard it, but I think the fact that they didn’t release anything about the song (there was basically no teaser) made it even better

If we say ‘The Feels’ really feels like a TWICE kinda song, then this song is also easy listening just like ‘Sneakers’


1. [+120][-11] It really reminds me of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’

2. [+64][-11] Personally, I think both the song itself and the MV are the best so far out of all of ITZY’s releases – it’s totally my type of song.. It’s kinda like ‘Knock Knock’ and ‘What is Love?’ – I’ll probably feel nostalgic if I listen to it later on

3. [+45][-5] This kind of song is Lia’s song

4. [+40][-7] It was released today, please show lots of support!! ^0^

5. [+32][-5] The song’s good and the MV is interesting. Who’s the male lead?? Lia’s freaking gorgeous. End of story