NCT Taeyong & aespa Giselle Look Fxxking Photoshopped…..

Kekekekeke aespa started the Dreams Come True Challenge and I really never thought I’d get to see this duo that’s why I was so amazed.


1. [+144][-7] Lee Taeyong makes my heart fxxking flutter. Crazy.

2. [+139][-3] ㅜㅜㅜCute

3. [+93][-11] Ahh Lee Taeyongㅠㅠ So fxxking handsome.

4. [+60][-0] Taeyong and Giselle get hate posts here all the time, it’s so good to see something like this⌒ ‿ ⌒ 
5. [+40][-1] Lee Taeyong’s smile hits me and Giselle’s smile is so freaking cute.