The Best In The 4th Gen Is Out. This Rookie Group Is Fxxking Dope *shook*

Karina Wendy Taeyeon BoA Hyoyeon Seulgi WInter

Leader: BoA

Vocal: Taeyeon Wendy BoA Seulgi Winter Karina

Dance: BoA Hyoyeon Seulgi

Best 4th gen group agreed.


1. [+287][-4] Faq kekekeke So many fxxking vocals.

2. [+261][-132] I think they’re gonna be more successful than Super M.

3. [+179][-5] Feels fxxking amazing how there are more vocal members than dance.

4. [+128][-139] Isn’t BoA too old for this?

5. [+115][-24] SM needs to stop making these groups.

6. [+107][-6] Taeyeon, Boa, Wendy and Winter, how many main vocalists are there? keke Seulgi’s official position is not main vocalist but she is also main vocalists level. And with Boa, Hyoyeon and Seulgi, their dance level is top tier too.

7. [+88][-7] Taeyeon is crazy here.

8. [+87][-17] SM’s aces from 1st to 4th generation, Boa, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, aespa, are gathered together here.