Year-End Joy Has Come

Red carpet

‘Psycho’ and ‘Queendom’ stages

Sooyoungie who’s legendary during every ‘Psycho’ stage

‘Year-end Joy’ has become a proper noun


1. [+110][-12] Goddess

2. [+96][-10] You really have to see it through a video though……… Joy slayed.

3. [+80][-10] Fxxking legend.

4. [+56][-4] I’ve never stanned a female idol in my life but whenever people say ‘year-end Joy appeared’ I immediately go check it out for sure… With a mindset like ‘lemme see how pretty she is this year’, I am like Pavlov’s dog – I go ‘oh it’s year-end Joy?’ and without thinking I click to check it out.

5. [+55][-3] This GIF is fxxking beautiful.