222 pictures and 30 videos uploaded in one week

Weverse notifs in one week

++Forgot about Twitter

Even while I’m typing this, I received a notif from Jimin’s Weverse keke


1. [+239][-3] Oppa I’m full.

2. [+281][-5] I’m so thankful for them for always being there for us even though they’re in their 10th year of debut and they’ve been receiving daesangs and hitting career highs 6 years in a row now. Also for communicating with us so regularly, for producing music and for learning.

3. [+98][-1] BTS have always proven to us that if they don’t really communicate with us it’s not because they’ve lost their beginner’s mindset, but because they’re fxxking busy kekekekekekekekekekekeke If they’re given a break they communicate with us so much. They’re so transparently cute.

4. [+94][-2] I was in a study room and whenever a notif from Jimin’s Weverse comes, I can find ARMYs next to me because their phones vibrate at the same time, faq kekekekekeke

5. [+75][-0] Feels like seeing them when they were self-isolating.. Ah these guys.. They’ve been so busy this whole time..,,