The top 3 girl group visuals in the 4th gen… All of them are tall and super good-looking.


1. [+172][-16] It’s fxxking nice how each of them have different images, Wonyoungie has an idol-face, Yuna has an actress-face, Jayoon is like an AI character.

2. [+169][-6] They all have princess-faces but they’re like princesses with different world views.

3. [+156][-5] Yoon’s long straight black hair is really the best. Her staircase hairstyle was the worst.

4. [+93][-5] Shim Jayoon with Black hair + full bangs is legendary.

5. [+60][-5] Yoon was basically on the side the whole time today ㅠ She sings super well but she didn’t get a single solo part…

6. [+60][-7] Look at the proportions of ’04 idols, Ja-yoon and Wonyoung.

7. [+51][-4] Yuna is so pretty.. I had to take a screenshot of her pic today.

8. [+45][-2] 1.73m, 1.71m, 1.70m, they’re all so f**king tall.