Wonyoung’s Ads from This Year *Shook*

MiuMiu (fashion)

Kirsh (fashion)

Innisfree (beauty)

SKT – T-Universe

SKT – Flip4

Hapa Kristin (contact lenses)

GOSPHERES (fashion/golf)

Eider (fashion/outdoor)

FRED (jewelry)

Wow…. How many ads is that….

And they’re all solo ads *shoooooooooook*

Jang Wonyoung

Young & rich, pretty & tall – she has everything


1. [+39][-3] Wow this is mad, she’s a superstar. I’m sure when she becomes an adult, the # of ads will double and she’ll shoot a soju ad 100%.

2. [+29][-3] Not only is Jang Wonyoung pretty, her eyes are also sparkling. Like they’re living.

3. [+14][-0] She’s really freaking successful

4. [+10][-1] That’s why the haters are going mad

5. [+5][-1] How can she suit every single one of these, makes me wanna buy everything? Especially the fashion ones, really makes me wanna buy them keke