No But What’s Up With Kai

I watched his solo comeback stage on Inkigayo today. I was fxxking surprised because he looked exactly like early-debut Kai. He’s still the same after 10 years.

Wow, this is on Talkers’ Choice! Please show lots of support to Kai – ‘Peaches’.

2 more Inkigayo GIFs


1. [+108][-18] He’s the main dancer but his vocals are amazing too. It’s amazing how his face still looks the same as early debut days. I’m the only one who’s aging ㅠ

2. [+67][-54] Upvote downvote this. Especially when he smiled, it surprised me because it looked exactly like when he first debuted with EXO.

3. [+45][-2] Even 10 years into debut, Kai’s antis are still so obsessed with him – this must be because Kai is really successful. People seem really jealous.

4. [+35][-2] Isn’t his outfit seriously crazy? And this straight hairstyle fits perfectly with the rest of the outfit that’s like a Greek temple concept ㅠ I almost hit my head on the tv while watching this.

5. [+22][-0] With that straight hair today, I really thought I travelled back to 2012, to when he just debuted.