V And Jungkook Did A Staring Contest

Fxxk, they’re so damn handsome. And my heart is fluttering so freaking bad, what’s going on……..

People say Jungkook is beautiful but also handsome, and V is handsome but also beautiful. I completely get what they mean now.

+V x Jungkook’s legendary delusional GiF


1. [+141][-2] Saranghae

2. [+137][-2] No but…. Their faces are narratives (so beautiful as if they have deep stories behind them, so beautiful that they can’t be explained without a story).

3. [+63][-1] Their visual combo is the best.

4. [+56][-0] This one is so funny, cuties kekekekeke

5. [+50][-1] I’m so happy. This is what a concert should feel like. Seeing super handsome guys walk side by side. Something like that.