Wow More Old Pics Of ITZY Yuna Revealed. She’s Really So Freaking Pretty…

No but Yuna is so fxxking cute kekeke For real, looks like she’s a middle-schooler in this one.


1. [+77][-9] I’m sad about Yuna being underrated because her talents are being overshadowed by her visuals… She’s tall but she doesn’t feel stiff at all, she dances really well. Even when she’s beside Ryujin and Chaeryeong who are famous among female idols, she doesn’t seem out of place at all. Also, even though her vocal tone only appeals to certain people, she’s really stable and her high notes are great. Yuna is really very pretty and lovely. Her personality is really super cute too.

2. [+42][-6] Personally I think Yuna is one of the visual reps of the 4th gen.

3. [+22][-3] In my opinion Yuna is the top 4th gen female idol.. She’s fxxking pretty and she has a perfect past. She’s also tall.

4. [+16][-1] This is my first time seeing someone look so good during their middle school era where people are usually at their ugliest. With that beauty there’s no way she doesn’t get casted ㅜㅜ

5. [+12][-1] I think this pic is really legendary.. How can someone look so good.