This is a 2-shot from AAA a couple of days ago, who do you think is prettier?


1. [+292][-52] I’d say Han Sohee.

2. [+278][-4] Now that they’re placed side by side, they really look super different.

3. [+256][-145] Only looking at that pic, I think Ryujin looks better though.

4. [+103][-33] Of course it’s Han Sohee.. I was really shocked by her visuals when watching ‘The World of the Married’.

5. [+101][-11] Han Sohee has the perfect actress-face and Ryujin has the perfect idol-face..

6. [+90][-62] Han Sohee’s face shape isn’t as nice.

7. [+82][-8] Han Sohee is f**king pretty.

8. [+72][-27] Ryujin.

9. [+50][-9] But Ryujin’s face is really pretty. When you watch her v-lives, even though it’s unedited and without makeup, she’s still very pretty.