They received the CJ ENM 2021 Visionary award.

-> only 6 figures were selected this year.

The fact that they were 1 of the 6 leading figures of Korea’s entertainment industry *shookkkkkkk*

The other figures who were received the same award:

Youn Yuhjung-ssaem who shone as the best supporting actress Oscar.

Yoo Jaesuk ke

The PD-nim of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (Choi Jungnam)


And lastly

The director of ‘Squid Game’ (Hwang Donghyuk)

It hasn’t even been 400 days since their debut and jjang-spa received daesang + rookie award. Let’s stay together till our 40000th day.

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1. [+178][-25] Tbh, aespa was amazing this year, they deserved it kekekeke It’s so funny how people are saying it’s sus and that SM has connections with CJ kekekekekekekekekekeke

2. [+155][-26] But honestly aespa deserved it. Even after a few months since the release of ‘Next Level’, people still kept on singing it, ‘Savage’ as well.

3. [+131][-26] For real, they deserved it this year. ‘Next Level’ and ‘Savage’ were both hit songs.

4. [+57][-57] Is there something going on between SM and CJ? Why are they side by side with Yoo Jaesuk?

5. [+33][-32] No but anyone can tell they’re not at that level yet. I agree that ‘Next Level’ was a hit but it’s only been a bit more than a year since their debut like what kekekeke They’re not good enough to be there, this is mad kekekekekekekeke