Even from the perspective of someone who’s not her fan, I feel like Karina’s receiving too much hate.

I feel bad for both Karina and her fans.

It doesn’t seem like she’s done anything wrong specifically, why aren’t people letting go of her?


1. [+149][-29] I once left a comment on a Talkers’ Choice post  saying Karina’s pretty and I received 15 downvotes keke

2. [+133][-32] For real, people are dissing Karina on every post that contains her. People diss her even for breathing… Why is Pann like this?

3. [+97][-269] We should scold her more.

4. [+73][-13] If you’re popular you get a lot of hate, that’s just how it works keke This just means Karina is fxxking popular.

5. [+31][-14] Karina treats her fans really well though….. Kekekekekeke I hope she only sees nice stuff.