Jeon Jungkook Did A Great Job keke


1. [+383][-7] Jungkook, come back to Korea straight away…

2. [+329][-7] In the concert, American unnies are going crazy like ‘fxxking fxxking’ meanwhile on my timeline everyone’s like ‘shibal shibal (fxxk fxxk)’ and all the ARMYs around the world are swearing in their own languages ke

3. [+266][-6] Why am I in Korea?

4. [+166][-1] Meanwhile when he’s in Korea that stupid button is always fastened so tightly…

5. [+141][-3] It’s fxxking funny how he was tryna fix his bursted buttons but failed so he had to carry on with the concert with his chest revealing kekekekekekekeke

6. [+129][-1] Ha so pretty….

7. [+48][-29] The reaction to Jungkook was crazy again.