Tired of all the antis posts so I’m sharing pics & GIFs of the maknae of the hyung-line, softie Jung Jaehyun.

NCT 127 Jung Jaehyun


1. [+59][-1] 252

2. [+56][-1] 238

3. [+55][-0] 264

4. [+29][-0] It’s a pity that he’s known by people more for his face than his abilities ㅜㅜㅜ from a muggle’s perspective, with that face, they probably think that he’s just depending on his visuals ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ but Jaehyun is a person who’s sincere with both his fans and the people around him, and even though he is handsome and has a lot of fans, he knows that it is not enough and works hard on his skills so that he actually has very well-rounded abilities.

4. [+22][-0] The cap fell off because of Jaehyun’s hair volume. His hair really came out puffy like ‘bbyong’ kekekeke

6. [+22][-0] If he was just another male idol who relies on his face and pushes a mysterious concept, I wouldn’t have liked him this much.. But he’s this gentle, weird, cute and crazy man.

7. [+20][-0] 270

8. [+15][-0] Jung Jaehyun is funny.