Their album sales exceed 1 million copies but I don’t feel like they’re successful.

Why is that?


1. [+442][-77] Let’s do an attendance check for CARATs. Upvote if you’re a CARAT.

2. [+253][-14] SEVENTEEN’s fandom is big indeed. But to be able to feel their popularity, they have to do well on charts.

3. [+87][-10] Apart from BTS, do you feel like any other groups are successful?

4. [+78][-26] But the fact that you’re asking this means they must be successful LOLLLLLLLLLL

5. [+68][-12] Who cares if we can feel they’re successful or not… kekeke They’re doing absolutely great now, and as long as we’re happy it’s enough.

6. [+58][-4] Why are you writing this ㅠ fans will be upset

7. [+33][-12] The fact is, there’s no one who doesn’t know Seventeen keke they have already succeeded keke