Freaking Love This SEVENTEEN Member’s Bulk Up

Love it


He had good-looking visuals even before his bulk up

He started working out properly because of the tight tour schedule

And naturally he bulked up too,,,

The result

No wait a sec, teacher.

Wow no but what, his image suddenly became a quarterback hot guy.

A body that does not match his kind face.

Or is that a ‘kind body’;;?

I’m going crazy

>>> arms <<<

Save me <-<

So to summarise:

His face is pure + innocent + handsome

But his body is a fxxking hotttttttttttt ouch hot guy

And on top of that he has a sweet chocolate-coated voice..

Marvel hero deer…

I don’t even know anymore, I just love Joshua

♡I will always support Joshua-nim’s bulk up♡


1. [+45][-0] No matter how hard you try to keep fit, even if you get plastic surgery, you still can’t compete with pretty guys who bulked up.

2. [+33][-0] Hot guy

3. [+18][-0] I became fan after seeing him bulk up ㅜㅜ He really has the ‘California hot guy’ aura..

4. [+16][-0] This is a pic of how big his hand is…

5. [+9][-0] The cutie who used to be like this…