Jeongyeonie’s in the middle of a hiatus,

She had a slipped disk in her neck during ‘More and More’..

Did she get her anxiety disorder at that time too?

I think I’ve heard that you need lifelong treatment for that injury…. And she’s starting to suffer from anxiety disorder again….

I feel like when they first debuted, Jeongyeonie was always joking around, but after time has passed, she cries a lot easier and is more easily overwhelmed.

Not just TWICE, whenever I see people diss idols on Pann I really get so fxxking mad.

I feel like there’s been more and more idols who are going on hiatus.

I want to see idols being healthy for a very long time though.

I hope Jeongyeon rests well and is able to resume her activities healthily in the future.


1. [+257][-3] If you ask me, I would think it’s better if she only resumes her activities after she has fully recovered ㅠㅠ She was in pain in the middle of a performance when they were promoting ‘Alcohol Free’ earlier ㅠ I hope she doesn’t force herself too much.

2. [+155][-61] There’s nothing that Jeongyeonie’s done wrong aside from being pretty.

3. [+97][-1] I have anxiety disorder as well, honestly there’s no such thing as ‘full recovery’… I’m really so sad because Jeongyeon must be feeling so upset, anxious and difficult…

4. [+64][-3] Poor Jeongyeon, the male community criticised her so damn badly when she put on a tiny bit of weight ㅜㅜ Not even selling albums to them, so fxxxxxxxxking mad at how they’re criticising her face and

her body, for real.

5. [+59][-2] It’s surprising because she looked like she had the strongest mentality, personality and the biggest strength.

6. [+45][-42] Agree or disagree. Jeongyeon ah, saranghae. I’m always thankful for you. I’ll wait for you ㅠㅠ

7. [+35][-5] Jeongyeon’s Bubble message yesterdayㅠ

Jeongyeon: Sorry, ONCEs. I’ll rest for a bit and return healthy again. I’ll also come on Bubble often. Please wait for me.

8. [+34][-3] Ahh seriously, Yoo Jeongyeon don’t get sick ㅠㅠ I’ll wait till you come back healthily, so please recover happily in the meantime.

9. [+30][-1] But to be frank, it’s suuuuper hard to fully recover from anxiety disorders.. Even if you think ‘ahh I seem to have gotten better?’ you’ll start suffering from anxiety again very soon.. Rather than recurrence, it’s more like you have to deal with it for years. I know because I’m going through this..

10. [+22][-0] She’s sick and treatment is tough but because she misses her fans that’s why she’s going back on stage again. Tbh if I were her,, I’ll definitely want to punch these people if they mock me for putting on weight after I’ve been through so much.

11. [+20][-0] Seems like you guys don’t know how difficult it is to deal with anxiety disorders… It just becomes impossible to live a normal life. You feel like you’re gonna collapse and you can’t really breathe properly. Just think of it as having to live everyday of your life in extreme tension and anxiety…