Why Is Blackpink Jennie Like This These Days?

I liked the Jennie who was cute and bubbly in the past though.

I feel like her hip vibe is too strong recently….


1. [+172][-12] Hmm seems like those who diss Jennie for changing a lot has a face so beautiful like this kekeke

2. [+151][-11] Jennie, just a few days ago.

3. [+148][-11] The comment down below going on and on about ‘Playing With Fire’ makes me speechless. ‘Playing With Fire’ was from 5 years ago, there’s no way anyone would look the same after so many years. Y’all really be saying things that make no sense.

4. [+133][-152] I’m a BLINK, and Idk why Jennie’s like this nowadays. Human Chanel Kim Jennie, please maintain your dignity….

5. [+121][-54] Ever since she started dating GD she got infected by the GD-disease.

6. [+83][-17] Tbh I really liked her during the ‘Playing With Fire’ and ‘As If It’s Your Last’ era… Is it because she grew a bit of fat on her face? Kinda feels different from back then… She’s still pretty, but in the past I really liked the impression she gave off – innocent but at the same time also fierce.

7. [+62][-7] Jennie, recently.