How Did You Find Blackpink’s First Song In 2 Years?


1. [+297][-139] The BLACKPINK concept that only BLACKPINK themselves can do.

2. [+262][-36] It reminds me of their song Whistle, except that the rapping parts make it more hiphop.

3. [+212][-139] I really like it..or do I?

4. [+161][-17] I guess this is a song intended for international fans.

5. [+106][-13] Every time Jennie came out it was legendary..she totally slayed in her intro and rap parts.

6. [+73][-11] Wow I really understood why BLACKPINK is a top performer..I’m crazy for the rap part.

7. [+52][-5] Jennie and Lisa’s rap part was so dope.