What’s the reason why Suga has a core fanbase that’s especially strong among all BTS members? 

My bias is another member but whenever I see Suga’s fans I’m amazed.
I understood what they meant by “your personality is similar to your fave’s” when I saw Suga’s fans.
I don’t really know how to describe it. Hmm, should I say his fans are easy-going like him too..
I don’t know what I’m tryna say either but I just feel like Suga’s fans are like Suga.


1. [+157][-10] He’s super great at his job, even though he’s not the main dancer / main vocal / main visual, he’s BTS’s super cool main rapper. He’s a sweetheart. He dislikes being in the spotlight. He’s eloquent and shy.

2. [+128][-7] Not only is he super awesome as an idol, but the stuff he says and does are also crazy charming. To the point where I would wanna be like him.

3. [+70][-1] I know he’s not super handsome.. The reason why people fall for him is really just because he’s a charismatic person. Firstly, he has unrivaled qualities that make people fall for him – his skin tone, his eye smile, his gummy smile. He’s kinda like that sunbae in university whom everyone’s had a crush on before.

4. [+66][-1] He looks fxxking fierce on stage, but when he’s off stage, he’s a kitten like this..

5. [+36][-1] Even if he appears chic and cold like he’s not interested in anything, he’s the cutest, softest thing on earth. Even when he doesn’t like it, he still joins into things that the other members wanna do, or maybe even works hard in doing it. How can you not love Suga ㅠㅠ