This was what I felt while watching ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’. I used to think that the only people who watch self-created content are fans so it’s not gonna have much impact on attracting new fans. But, SEVENTEEN is gaining so many new fans with their self-created content, at least looking at the people around me, that’s the case… Since they have many members, it might be harder to become their fan, but that’s actually being offset by their self-created content? The quality exceeds idol self-created content level, at this point it just feels like a TV program.


1. [+46][-2] The only things that Pledis did well in. Forming SEVENTEEN and making them debut + planning ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’ with the team in charge…

2. [+37][-4] My friends, other fandoms and non-fans all watch ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’ kekekekeke I thought ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’ was quite interesting. Everyone’s watching it. Even friends who didn’t used to watch said it’s interesting and they’re always asking when’s the next episode gonna be uploaded keke

3. [+15][-0] I used to think people surely only watch self-created content of idols they like. But there’s this kid in our class who’s a fan of another group but they watch ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’ while studying;;

4. [+7][-0] That’s exactly me. I’ve known about SEVENTEEN ever since their debut but I never considered becoming a fan. But now, I became one after watching ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’.

5. [+3][-0] ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’ is my rice-friend (best thing to watch during meals).