Both Karina and Winter have freaking amazing proportions though..?

This are pictures of aespa’s choreography video all pictures are of them without heels kekekekeke

And here’s a frontal pic, not taken from below.


1. [+81][-18] No but how on earth is this considered bad proportions? Did your brain crush your optic nerves? The 2nd one from the left in this pic is Karina.

2. [+63][-19] Her face is just fxxking small and she has really nice proportions. Everyone in aespa has nice proportions. She’s the only one not wearing heeled shoes because she’s the tallest, and haters dissed her so hard by making up stuff about the length of her legs.

3. [+37][-6] Pann is where I first saw people dissing Karina’s body and proportions, and it’s also the only place.

4. [+9][-8] Tiktok allows height adjustments…… Also, compared to her height, it’s true that her proportions aren’t that impressive. If you’re not a fan don’t drag this topic out.

5. [+6][-3] Winter’s better though?