They wink and put their face so close to the camera.

Pretending to be fatal by making some sort of seductive facial expression.

They believe it when crazy female fans go ‘oppa you’re fxxking handsome ㅠㅠㅠㅠ’ 

And they take hoon-nam style (handsome, kind guy that will make your heart warm) selfies.

Those who’re tall and handsome are put on the side while short ugly ones are put in the centre,

dragging down the image of the group.

They’re fxxking short but they’re tryna pretend to be manly that’s why they bulk up so fxxking much.

Aside from all of this there’s still a lot.

Anyway. I’m fxxking pissed off whenever I see fxxking ugly male idols pretending to be fatally handsome.

If they’re ugly, at least be 180+ so that they can be of some help when it comes to full-body shots of the group. Sigh. But what’s even harder to understand is the fact that some people actually think they’re handsome / cute / like a fairy. I’m even more pissed off at these people.

I’m not pointing at a specific person, this applies to all male idols who are like that.


1. [+381][-95] Is this post itself a nice post then? Yea you’re not talking about someone specifically but this is still a hate most criticising other people’s looks.

2. [+272][-2] What’s worse is when they’re ugly and bad at their job but they still think they’re the best.

3. [+76][-2] Honestly though, for real kekekeke If they’re already not good-looking and they’re not talented either, it’s really… keke.. Kids blinded by love suck up to them that’s why they think they’re actually good-looking and they act all cool. I just can’t stand that.

4. [+67][-1] I can stand everything else but when they copy the poses of good-looking members keke it’s fxxking funny.

5. [+65][-3] If they’re not good-looking and can’t even lip sync properly (ie no talents), it’s ridiculous.

6. [+63][-2] Why are the Park Jimin fans upset?? OP didn’t even mention Park Jimin.

7. [+26][-3] If you have the ability you’ll look good; but if you don’t have the ability you won’t look good no matter what.