Aren’t Monolids Pretty As Well Recently?

Few years ago, everyone thought only double eyelids were pretty no matter what, and many people tried to get double eyelids. Honestly, most people around me who had monolids did the double eyelid surgery.. But these days, maybe because actors and actresses with monolids are becoming more famous, so there are a lot of pretty people even if they have monolids. If you go on Instagram or look at people around you, they’re pretty because even though they have monolids, their faces look harmonised.


1. [+246][-27] I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with monolids who look pretty. ALmost everyone who’s pretty has double eyelids.

2. [+231][-88] As someone who has lived with monolids my whole life, I feel like no matter how big and pretty your eyes are, if you have monolids, you can be pretty, but you can’t be super super gorgeous.

3. [+154][-20] But people either like or dislike monolids because they’re pleasantly simple and pretty, rather than freaking beautiful.

4. [+145][-69] Top-tier monolids, by my standards.

5. [+33][-0] A pretty person will still be pretty even if they have monolids. An ugly person will still be ugly if they have double eyelids….