Is she not an AI?


1. {+97][-26] These fans are pretending to be fxxking rational under a post where the author is clearly speaking in glowing terms. “Obviously she’s human, bruh.” Bullshit kekekeke

2. [+87][-94] Obviously she’s human.

3. [+47][-20] It’s true that she’s pretty kekeke Fxxking funny how people are trying so damn hard to deny this fact.

4. [+18][-9] Look at the number of downvotes. Fxxking disgusting.

5. [+14][-8] Why do we even need ae-Karina? Karina herself is an ae.

6. [+4][-3] What’s up with the downvotes?

7. [+7][-1] Ningning in the back is so cute keke.

8. [+6][-3] She looks unique. She definitely looks like aespa.