When they first debuted I was like “um what..” but I feel like she’s fxxking pretty these days.

I feel like if you told me she’s the main visual of the group I would actually believe in that.

+ Plus her hair color is light now and it kinda makes her look better than in the past.


1. [+335][-94] Please don’t suck up to a Chink.

2. [+240][-211] She just looks like a Chinese pig no matter what she does keke

3. [+110][-113] She’s always been the main visual since the very start.

4. [+84][-35] This is why the image of a country is important. Ever since the SM ROOKIES era, she’s never said anything related to China but people are always calling her a Chink or whatsoever and she’s receiving all sorts of criticism and insult. If you’re gonna hate it when someone insults you for being a Korean in a foreign country then don’t go overboard, this is just too much,
5. [+67][-6] She’s Chinese? I kinda like her these days though, what a shame.

6. [+17][-10] I think Ningning will look very pretty if she loses weight.

7. [+12][-1] But isn’t her image so different from before? I thought it was a different person when she debuted.

8. [+2][-2] Cutie.