aespa’s outfits feel like BLACKPINK’s. So fxxking similar.


1. [+678][-81] BLACKPINK’s outfits are really so fxxking amazing, I felt it again after seeing this. Even if you wanna copy them, you can’t..

2. [+268][-25] BLACKPINK’s outfits are really pretty indeed.

3. [+211][-15] If we don’t talk about BLACKPINK, those outfits are actually really common out on the streets.

4. [+190][-32] Am I the only one who doesn’t think so..? Dunno how it’s similar aside from the color. It just feels like the trend these days. And also, I’ve seriously never once thought that aespa’s concept is similar to BP’s. BP has the girl-crush / luxurious / high-teen vibe while aespa has the girl-crush / wild / naevis / black mamba vibe.

5. [+166][-28] I think they wore it because the argyle pattern is fashionable these days.

6. [+80][-9] Only the skirts look similar.

7. [+68][-3] I’m a Blink and I don’t see an issue with any of these pictures. Our kids are pretty and so are the aespa kids. Can the antis get lost.

8. [+63][-15] Why do you guys keep bashing aespa?