BLACKPINK’s US Concert Today Causing a Big Stir

It’s causing a big stir because they ‘dance too well’


1. [+190][-12] 1st concert in 3 years – can’t believe that’s what they’ve prepared.. keke If it’s gonna end up like this, might as well just do it in Korea… It doesn’t seem like they’re embarrassed overseas

2. [+188][-5] When Jennie got the choreo direction wrong at first, I was just like ‘what, haha’ but her dance just became completely off as the song progressed.. And it’s not just Jennie who’s like that. In the end, they were just all out of sync. I thought they were each doing a different choreo.

3. [+177][-14] If you compare them with the dancers in the front as a reference, you can see how insincere they are and how half-heartedly they treat their stage performances. Apart from Lisa at least, the rest like Jisoo and Rosé are just – dunno how to deal with them, speechless.

4. [+148][-7] They only have 4 people. It’s actually quite impressive how they can sync in that way.

5. [+134][-6] Anyway, I saw tons of foreigners retweeting that stage on Twitter, like tens of thousands, and I saw people saying stuff like ‘that’s mad I’m going crazy’ and I was just like can’t believe that’s coming out of your mouth’.